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Mindfulness Mondays, The Life of Us

Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

There are no guarantees in life. Some days will be easier than others, some seasons more difficult. But even in the most trying of times, there is a silver lining if you simply allow yourself to look for it, to see through the storm.

Beyond the storm, there is calm.

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Beyond Limitation

January 7, 2019

How many times have you questioned your decisions or the course your life is taking because of someone else’s opinion? Have you stopped yourself from pursuing something because someone made you doubt? Have you leaned out instead of in because someone insisted you do so?

Rising Heat & Giving Thanks

November 18, 2018

That is why I celebrate! Even though the sun is shining and I am halfway around the world from anything that is reminiscent of the holiday, it is still a time to reflect and to give thanks. Whether you celebrate with family & friends or you choose to skip the pomp and circumstance for personal reasons, it’s simply a time to be grateful.

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