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Mindfulness Mondays

Here We Go Again!

It wasn’t in the plan, but here we are years later and it was one of the best things that ever happened to us. We got out of our comfort zone and went with the plan that life was throwing at us, as opposed to trying to control how we thought life should look.

Life isn’t always going to be exactly how you planned.

When you leave this place, what do you want your legacy to be? Do you want people to say you were comfortable or do you want them to say you were fearless?

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Slowing Down in a Culture of Instant Gratification

July 17, 2017

We want instant gratification and have lost the fine art of patience. We measure our success based on empty numbers as opposed to those truly affected by our message. At the end of the day, if our goal is really to make an impact, shouldn’t the expectation be that change takes time? The value of the message should be weighted in the change it creates not the time it takes to get there.

Finding Your Place

July 10, 2017

Years ago, after graduating from college, I packed my belongings into my car and made my way to Los Angeles. It was a time in my life of self-discovery. Like most early twenty-somethings, I didn’t necessarily have a plan but I knew I wanted to challenge myself to grow through that experience. The space allowed […]

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