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Mindfulness Mondays, The Life of Us

Where’s My Pumpkin?

Of course, my husband is convinced we are going to toss a bunch of turkey sausages on the barbie and light it up, substitute pumpkin pie with apple, and that I will make some feeble attempt at homemade lefse.

Lord help me!

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Rules of Engagement

November 12, 2017

I remember someone once saying to me; there will always be someone prettier, someone smarter, someone more successful. Learn from them. You might be that person for someone else. It is important to celebrate your own amazing qualities, especially while admiring others for the things you see in them that you wish you had more of in your own life – doing so through a supportive lens as opposed to envy.

Near Death & Living Life

November 7, 2017

November 8th, 2012 will always be known in our household as the day I died.

Scratching your head?

For our circle of friends and people who have been close to us for years, they know the story. But, for the sake of looking back on this day each year as a reminder to live in the moment and love well – I am going to share it again.

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