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Mindfulness Mondays

Get Out of the Way

The two situations are very different. One is the fear of leaving home, venturing out on your own – something we have all gone through as we prepare ourselves for life after graduation. The other is fear of the unknown and being alone. Very different circumstances, very different people. But the drawing force behind the hesitation, fear.

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Kids, Equality, & Peeing on Trees

September 18, 2017

I sat there completely shocked for a minute. My jaw dropped to the floor. My eyes doubled in size. I looked to her, but didn’t quite know how to react.

First, I didn’t know where in the world he had learned that. Second, it was technically true. But, never in a million years during what I thought would be a proud mom moment, did I think those words would come out of his mouth. He was 4.

Perfectly Imperfect

September 11, 2017

We don’t learn by pursuing some disillusioned idea of perfection. We learn by accepting our imperfection and realizing there is beauty in all the things that make us less than perfect.

But, sometimes it seems we live in a world where there are missed opportunities to connect because we are too busy chasing perfection, afraid to just own the fact that our lives are anything but.

So, let’s get real this week and talk about it. I’ll start.

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