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Mindfulness Mondays, The Life of Us

Meditation & Motherhood

During that time, I heard from so many people talking about what they wanted for their life, their careers, their relationships, financially. It was transformative for so many of us. And as I sat on my call this morning listening to her talk about spiritually aligned action, I was reminded that sometimes it simply takes believing and adjusting your framework to allow that to happen in your life instead of constantly doing and trying to force things to happen.

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Raise the Bar

April 8, 2018

How many of you are simply going around and around on the hamster wheel, wanting to jump off and remove yourself from the rat race but are unclear of what will happen once you do?

You just keep saying yes and around you go once more.

Who Are You?

April 1, 2018

As women, particularly as we age and become more accepting of who we were each created to be, things like our careers and our friendships breathe life into us, they become a part of our very being. Our relationships and both the people and things we choose to allow in our life are based on substance rather than circumstance.

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